How to Reuse and Recycle Our Packaging

How to Reuse and Recycle Our Packaging

We’re all on this planet together! We believe it’s our responsibility, as part of team Earth, to make conscious decisions about the materials and resources we use (and reuse) and how they impact our fellow inhabitants here, now and into the future. Our amber glass bottles keep light from getting to our live probiotics, and the glass dropper makes it easy to drop out. Plus we love glass because it’s infinitely recyclable, without losing quality.

Ideas to Reuse:

  • Do you DIY? Clean out your dropper bottle once it’s finished, and use it to store your DIY skin care, cuticle oil, and more.
  • Have kids? With supervision, our droppers make for great exploration with color. Mix a little plant-based food coloring into water, throw down a drop cloth, and set up a station for your littles to dip and drop. Let them add color into clean water cups to see how they mix, or let them drop it right on the drop cloth for an open-ended painting experience. Don’t hesitate to do this one outdoors if you’re more comfortable with messy play outside. Plus, all that finger squeezing is great hand exercise that will set them up for writing.
  • Are you an artist yourself? Our bottles make terrific long-term storage for mixed paints and watercolors.
  • Bake or cook? You can make extracts at home by soaking ingredients like vanilla or peppermint in an alcohol of your choice, then storing them in our bottles to easily measure and use.

How to Recycle:

Paper Box – fold flat and place it in your curbside recycling bin.

Glass Dropper Bottle – Unfortunately, because of their size and mixed materials, the dropper portion isn’t recyclable in most places. Remove the cap with dropper and dispose of in the trash. Take the glass bottle and rinse out any excess liquid. Recycle it in your curbside bin, if your city accepts glass, or take it to a glass recycling drop off bin.