What should I expect when I take Teem Defense?

What should I expect when I take Teem™ Defense?

Your microbiome is unique to you, like a fingerprint. Which means your response to Teem™ Defense will be unique to you as well. You may experience an improvement in digestive symptoms in as little as 24-48 hours, but for others, it can take some time, so be patient (we know, it’s hard!).

What does that look and feel like? It can include improved symptoms like reduced bloating and gas, more regular bowel movements, and increased energy levels.*

You may also notice a little adjustment period where you feel a little bit of increased activity in your gut. Give it a pat and say, Go Teem! because that’s also a sign they’re working for you down there. If any negative side effects persist, consult your doctor or healthcare provider.*


Wait, what do digestive symptoms have to do with my immune system?

Our gut microbiomes are a key part of our digestive systems—70% of our immune systems are located in our guts. In those microbiomes, we want to have a balance of microbes where the good guys outnumber the bad.

When our guts are out of balance, this is called dysbiosis. And when we have a dysbiosis, many times, digestive symptoms are the most obvious symptoms of that imbalance. But you may notice or experience other symptoms as well—skin issues like eczema and acne can be related to gut dysbiosis, as can some forms of anxiety and other mood disorders. Long-term dysbiosis can lead to greater inflammation throughout the body, chronic issues, and even autoimmune disorders.

The tl;dr: our bodies are complex! And nature is kind of magic. A well-balanced gut is the foundation you need for your body’s systems—including your immune system—to run smoothly, meaning not under-reactive or over-reactive, but just reactive enough to defend you.

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