We’re Teem™, and We’re On Your Team

At Teem, we believe that healthy, vibrant, and fully lived lives are made possible through teamwork. We’re a team of working parents, microbiologists, lifelong learners, and more—and modern life means more stress, less sleep, and less joy for us too. Which naturally takes a toll on our health. We created Teem so you can do a little less worrying (and a little less research) and free up a little more time to enjoy life. That’s why we’re here: you can count on us to be the team to deliver the science-based + consciously designed health support you deserve, and the fresh legs your internal support team needs. It’s a little thing we call #teemwork. So here’s to fewer sick days, and more living room dance parties. More of the good kind of messy moments, less of the miserable ones. You deserve it. We all do.

Our Approach to Science is in Awe of Natural Wonder

If David Attenborough specials are your jam, we feel you. We’re constantly inspired by the powerful magic of nature—and as science learns more and more by the day about the microbial world, we’re in awe of these most ancient supporters of ours. They’ve been there all along, unbeknownst to us, supporting our life with theirs. They’re the special ops team we never knew we had. And they’re everywhere—a major part of a magical Earth that’s teeming with life, everywhere we look. Teem is inspired by them, and the fact that in nature, nothing exists or survives alone. Not only that, but whether it’s our microbes + us or us working with our fellow humans, it’s when we work together in teams that we thrive and achieve great things—things bigger than ourselves, than what we’re capable of doing on our own.  

But Nature—and Nature’s Teams—Are in Danger

Modern life is hard. And it’s not doing our health any favors. We experience more stress, struggle with sleep, get exposed to far more sugar and far less nutrients than we’d like. Fresh, clean, affordable, healthy food isn’t as easily available as it should be. We’ve been overmedicated. Even the air inside our homes is polluted. And when was the last time you got to just move your body and play, outside, for fun? And it’s not just us humans: it’s hard on our microbes—our special support teams—too. Whether they’re in our bodies, part of our food, or part of our natural environment, they’re experiencing the same environmental and existential threats. We want to continue to live in a world that’s teeming with life, and we want to continue to spread good health through nature’s best teamwork. To us, that means working with nature to find ways to turn around our health and the planet’s. We believe they’re one and the same.  

Teem™ is Here To Help

Teem™ is possible because of the different perspectives, knowledge, and background from the diverse members of our team. We came together to build on decades of microbiome research and technology, to design helpful supplements that meet you where you are and do what supplements are supposed to do: provide a little bit of easy back-up support and insurance for your daily and long-term health. We think that means supplements that taste good, are effective and clean, and can be shared. We shop for all kinds of products in our own lives, naturally, and we’re just as dismayed at the amount of work, sweat, and research that can go into buying just one new product—let alone, multiple, for yourself or for your family. It’s a lot to take on as individuals. We want to take some of that work off your shoulders. Let us nerd out about the science, make living healthfully just a little bit easier, and trust we wouldn’t include any ingredients we wouldn’t give the kids or most vulnerable family members in our lives.  

From extensive research and development to clean and organic ingredient sourcing, to empowering you through transparency and knowledge, we’re committed to building products and a company you trust.

As a Teem, We Believe In:

We’re obsessive about our ingredients, so you don’t have to be.

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